18th November - Today's News: Squalls and Snow Hit Parts of Britain

Rather surprised this morning to read that thundersnow strikes! Chaos on the roads as Britain wakes up to a wintry blanket.  There is, of course, nothing here, nor anything expected for some time yet!  Meanwhile a squally cold front crossed yesterday producing quite a bit of damage with roofs ripped off as storms hit parts of mid and west Wales whilst a mini tornado strikes JCB headquarters in Staffordshire and winds of up to 84mph and 'tornadoes' cause chaos in Shropshire.   It was alleged that another tornado spotted as strong winds batter Coventry - but the video - of a funnel cloud - does not appear to have been taken yesterday (note lack of low levels winds and rather green, leafy trees!)  It's likely in most cases at least that the damage was caused by straight line winds.

In Colorado it's been Denver's first snow in 201 days - not far off a record snow-free period

October's global temperature not a record breaker - with El Nino having transitioned into la Nina it was cooler than October 2014 and 2015.

The Chicxulub asteroid strike made 'instant Himalayas' - now that would have been something to see!


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