8th November - Today's News: Predicted Heavy Rain Forces Evacuations in Svalbard

Svalbard residents evacuated ahead of 'extreme' storm due to unusually high amounts of rain being predicted and fears of flooding and landslides. 

Down to -2.9c in my garden this morning. the lowest November temperature I have recorded since 2010.  Pershore (Throckmorton) dropped to -5c with snow on the way for Scotland and northern England overnight.  But it wont last.

In Pics: Snow falls thick and fast in southern Germany and prepare to be hit by 'snow cannons', Sweden warned - they mean 'lake effect' snow.  Any excuse to show a girl in a bikini .....  !

A successful calculation of human and natural influence on cloud formation shows the cooling effect of anthropogenically induced clouds is less than previously assumed.

The 'Great Pacific Garbage Patch' worse than expected and another rubbish story from Wrangel island as a polar bear cub gets tin can trapped in its mouth.  Fortunately it was spotted and saved.

And stunning animations reveal gigantic dust storms, clouds and high winds rolling across the Martian surface


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