14th March - Today's News: Ice Completely Encases US Lakeside House

House in New York state encased in ice during cold spell - fortunately there was no-one inside at the time

The recent rapid decline of Arctic sea ice a combination of climate change and natural variability - which makes sense in accordance with "Mayhew's Law" (which I think I have finally defined as: one size rarely fits all; complex events are unlikely to have simple, single, causes, and, especially where competing explanations exist, it's most likely a combination of factors were involved).   Meanwhile, forget snow, rain will become main precipitation in the Arctic by 2091 acording to a new study.

Logging and predicted precipitation pattern changes are likely to lead to a vicious circle of drought and forest loss in the Amazon

A perfect storm of fire and ice may have led to snowball Earth 717 million years ago, in a "once in a billion year event".

And an article which. combined with a report on the BBC World Service, prompted a record number of enquires to the MBA: bothy-bagging: Scotland's best-kept secrets revealed


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