6th March - Today's News: Cyclone Blanche Makes Landfall in Australia

Cyclone Blanche: Record-breaking storm drenches Darwin, batters Top End over the weekend before the storm crosses WA's Kimberley coast as conditions in NT ease today.  After BoM predicted an active Cyclone season this summer, it's been the quietest on record ....

Got snowed on in Snowdon yesterday - a nice birthday weekend surprise.  Probably be it for the year now though!   Although the gutter press are still pushing silly season stories based purely on fantasy (there is no corroboration for the headline whatsoever .... though MetO comments suggest a cold snowy Easter is unlikely given that it is late this year.   Still, nice pics of snow from North Wales yesterday.)

The Daily Fail doesn't always get it wrong though, rightly informing us that, based on MetO data, this winter was one of the mildest and driest ever - it was actually my second mildest and second driest in Evesham.

Tropical Cyclone Enawo threatens Madagascar - expected to be the strongest storm to hit the island for three years.

And a new study suggests that declining Arctic sea ice influences European weather, but isn't a cause of colder winters - which seems obvious when you consider how mild our winters have been since 2010 ....


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