12th April - Today's News: Ex-Cook Could be Worst Storm to Hit NZ Since 1968

In Australia, Darwin hit by one of its coldest ever days - but at 22.1c it still sounds hot to me!

Before the Chemtrail nutters get too excited, this is just a small scale trial test to see if the idea could work - and I am certain there will be nothing at all to see from the ground as aerosols to protect Earth from global warming will be sprayed into the stratosphere next year.   I also remain certain that large scale operations will never take place since the consequences of doing so are likely to be at least as bad as doing nothing.   And let's face it, we can't even stop burning down rainforests yet ......  

And just for a laugh, the Daily Express today warn us that Britain braced for RAIN !!!!!!!! - though to be fair, it has been an extremely dry month in the south so far (and looks like staying so - any rain of consequence being restricted to the north of the country)


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