16th August - Today's News: Severe Storms Bring Russian Heatwave to an End

Moscow's choking smog returns briefly over the weekend as wildfires continue, though temps there are now starting to fall away a bit as a cold front moves in - which has caused problems: force 11 gales buffet Petersburg as Russian heat wave comes to an end. Also, satellite perspective reveals startling images of massive smoke clouds.

Now, perhaps this really should be the headline today, quite a groundbreaking announcement: man sets up weather station on home!!!! Imagine, in 10 years time there could be a whole network of people around the country providing weather data from their gardens on the internet, even shops set up specially to sell the equipment ........ doh!

A wet morning and a few showers later in Evesham on Saturday as Ian Pickering hosted the annual stormchasers BBQ. Apparently a rumble of thunder was heard in the afternoon but even more excitingly, in the evening we saw several flashes of distant lightning - the most I've seen in over a year in fact. After a couple of cool days, summer returned on Sunday, and despite claims that Northern Ireland sizzles as the rest of the UK is left in the shade it was actually even warmer here, and the highest temp of the day was down in Bournemouth.

So far, 2010 is the world's hottest year on record - according to the latest NOAA data

'Perfect storm' probably killed Mallory before he made it to Everest summit - basically a drop in pressure would have further reduced the oxygen content of the already rarified air making it impossible for Mallory and Irvine to survive given the equipment they had. I think most mountaineers would romantically like to think they could have made it ...

Heat brings early harvest in New England, Midwest

In New Zealand, flood-hit towns begin clean-up

Fierce rainstorms spread flood misery to Slovakia

Are there volcanoes in Lacus Mortis on the Moon? Not active now, of course. Meanwhile, here on Earth, scientist googles crater find.

As rainstorms continue in mudslide-hit county, heatwave grill China's south

2 die as floods hit drought-stricken Niger

Ocean's colour affects hurricane paths

And finally, another d'oh moment as police end Vale of Neath climate camp on Roman Fort - save the planet, destroy our heritage? ..... they really don't think, do they?


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