20th August - Today's News: 'Snow' in Kenya Destroys Crops

There's a report that snow in Kenya destroys crops - similar to a case in 2008. On the previous occasion we were quite sure it was actually hail and on this occasion too, although hail is seperately mentioned in the report, it seems most likely that the 'snow' is actually a covering of partially melted small hail.

Fair bit of rain here overnight - 13.6mm making it the wettest spell since mid June. A lot more over Wales though and there could be some flash flood stories to come over the next day or so with more heavy rain expected and a new weather warning for Wales after overnight rain.

Wet too in parts of the USA where Tenn. dries out after deluge washes through State and storms flood parts of Washington region, stranding motorists while storm slams part of metro Detroit, leave 82,000 without power and another storm shatters rainfall records, floods homes across Utah. And down in California, San Francisco sweater weather keeping air cleaner.

Meanwhile, in NW England, hosepipe ban lifted after soggy summer - which probably means they'll have a drought this autumn!

In North Africa, seven Algerians killed in storm

Ash from wildfires falls like snow in B.C.'s Cariboo

Bolivia declares emergency over forest fires - started deliberately by farmers to clean land for crops, but then gotten out of control due to the dry and windy weather.

Deadly Russian heatwave declared over

The UN say that weather shifts behind disasters need 'urgent probe' - as if that'll make any difference? It's called weather! It happens. And recent events are not exceptional other than that they affected more people because there are more people to affect, and were made worse because of human arrogance, ignorance and greed (especially deforestation in the cases of the floods and landslides in Pakistan and China).

In Australia, hot weather could fuel massive locust plague - 36c in Mount Isa, in what for them is the equivalent of February!

Are sweltering high temperatures the new norm in Lebanon?

And just when you thought it was all over, back comes 'climategate'. Dis-satisfied with the official inquiries, none of which returned the required verdict, the science-denial squad have decided to conduct their own inquiry into the inquiries .... (any guesses at to what their verdict will be?), but did climate sceptics mislead the public over hacked emails inquiry?


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