14th August - Today's News: 20 Million Now Affected by Pakistan Floods

As the biggest natural disaster of modern times continues, Pakistan PM Gilani says flooding affects 20m people

This image from the BBC shows the extent of this year's monsoon flooding across Asia:

And the big question is, will the Pakistan floods strike again?

Rain triggers fresh China landslides and I am not in the least surprised to see where the blame is being apportioned...

Our correspondent says people are asking if heavy logging in the area and poor urban planning are to blame for the disaster.

He says reports in the Chinese media say studies carried out by researchers in the 1970s and again in the 1990s concluded the area was vulnerable to natural disasters.

Logging - both legal and illegal - made the problem worse.

The area is extremely poor. Logging was banned there 12 years ago but people continued to cut down and sell trees on the mountainside to make a living.

More flash flooding from storms in England yesterday, but even with a fair bit of rain overnight we're still below the average rainfall for the first 2 weeks of August here in Evesham - following on from a below average July. Still, with the annual UK Stormchaser's BBQ being held in Evesham this weekend there surely has to be the chance of a proper storm this afternoon? Doesn't there?

Heavy rain causes flash flooding in Deal

Thunder and lightning herald rain until November - according to Jonathan Powell that is. He's the guy would forecast record heat last August and that this summer would be the hottest on record ....

In the NW, hosepipe ban saves 3 billion gallons of water - but despite such a wet summer, there's no sign of the ban being lifted.

Rain refreshes Moscow, but wildfires still burning

Two firefighters killed tackling forest fires in Spain

In New Zealand, Tasman glacier calving awaited whilst elsewhere there are warnings over rising rivers as heavy rain falls and after 1100 skiers were stranded overnight, Mt Hutt defends opening as gales forecast.

With up to 53mm rain falling in 30 minutes, little wonder storm floods Winnipeg streets

And a tornado means stormy start to Cropredy festival - though it's more likely it was just a strong downbust. The weather should be better for the Fairports tonight, and indeed for tomorrow's cricket match (I assume they still play that?).


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