10th August - Today's News: David Rose Lies to the Public. Again.

Something I missed from Thursday: David Rose has produced one of his periodical attacks on science, full of lies, half-truths and false assertions, claiming that the more money the Met Office gets, the more ludicrously inaccurate its doom-mongering on climate change.  He will no doubt totally ignore the MetO's polite response - as he has done many times before, often repeated inaccuracies long after they have been pointed out to him.  The inconvienent truth to such people is that the truth is, indeed, inconvenient and therefore should be ignored ....  It's also worth saying that when the detractors and deniers have to resort to hauling out a 1987 forecast in which the strength of forecast gales was under-estimated, as proof of how inept the MetO are, they really don't have much of a case to make! 


  1. I listened to the Quentin Letts radio programme mentioned in the Daily Mail article. It was obvious his agenda was to do a hatchet job on the Met Office. I sent in a complaint to the BBC.


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