24th August - Today's News: El Nino to be Strongest on Record?

As willdfires continue, another week of Baikal on fire

Here the weekend saw the heatwave that lasted just one day - Sunday produced the highest rainfall rate I have so far recorded: 80mm/h although the total for the weekend was under 14mm.  Still no thunder though and since July 2014 I have only twice heard distant rumbles in Evesham and no lightning.

It's claimed the Met Office 'lost BBC contract over dumbing down rows and weather app' - which is quite pathetic if true.  But really all a storm in a teacup over the BBC weather?   Others already produce some BBC forecasts - Weatherquest for BBC Look East, for example. And if the BBC wants them dumbed down even further than the 60 second soundbites they already are, then my neighbour's dog could do them ....

And finally, the Shoreham air show tragedy reminds us that, sometimes, shit just happens; it can happen to anyone, anywhere, any time.  So make the most of today.


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