8th August - Today's News: At Least 4 Dead as Typhoon Soudelor Hits Taiwan

It's still winter in NZ with heavy snow to hit the North Island after already affecing South Island

Reminding us, once again, that the world is doomed .... Experts warn of 90,000 immediate deaths and a 'nuclear winter' across the US if supervolcano erupts - but of course, there's only the faintest possibility of it happening .....  "Yellowstone very unlikely to erupt" is just not such a sexy headline though.

So it is an alien spacebase?!!  Mysterious 'alien spots' on Ceres are NOT ice, researchers say as they show off 3D video that reveals 4 mile high 'pyramid'

Lightning reshapes rocks at the atomic level

Weather reports on the Sun could leave to safer space travel - though Matt Taylor and co may find it a tad warm ....!

And a study shows that communities with beautiful scenery, weather have lower rates of religious affiliations - I guess we don't have the need to create imaginary beings to worship when the glory of nature is all around?


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