13th January - Today's News: Black Snow Falls in Kazakhstan

Black snow troubles pollution-weary Kazakhs in Temirtau

In the US, Winter Storm Hunter spreading a mess of snow, ice from the Tennessee Valley to northern New England

California mudslides: Man 'barely made it out' of car swept away by muddy floodwaters whilst today the  'Window closing' for missing as death toll rises to 18

Perth set for downpour as ex-tropical Cyclone Joyce heads south

Hail and ice an 'unusual' summer surprise for Tasmanians in January - I always associate hail with summer storms anyway!

New temperature record for Singapore in 2017, another sign of climate change

In Africa, DRC floods leave 45 dead, thousands homeless

Jet stream changes since 1960s linked to more extreme weather

The climate impacts of deforestation are even more than previously thought ...... now what I have been saying for years?

And on Mars: Huge water ice reserves found on Red Planet suggest potential for human colonisation


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