19th January - Today's News: Naming Controversy in Wake of Deadly European Storm

Storm name controversy in the wake of Fionn/not-Fionn/no-name/David/Friederike .....  Liam Dutton explains why I criticised Met Eireann for naming Storm Fionn whilst the Met Office criticised for not naming storm which battered Britain.  So should the Met Office have named last night’s storm? Yes and no.  Yes, it should under the current policy, but it's a policy I am not alone in thinking should be dropped - not least because of the way it's deliberately misused by the media to cause confusion, concern and to generate sales ....  And the rest of Europe needs to get it's act together too and agree that if a storm IS named, it's only named once!

And it's confirmed that 2017 'warmest year without El Niño'


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