22nd January - Today's News: Floods and Landslides Hit Devon

More snow at the weekend, cauing disruption in Scotland and some joy in the Midlands where it was unexpected.  We even had a few flakes in Evesham on Sunday morning, amide the rain ....  In Eskdalemuir rescuers find man in snowdrifts whilst in the Highlands there was traffic chaos at Nevis Range and Glencoe ski centres

The SW saw just rain though and in North Devon flooding: Homes evacuated after landslides hit

More snow in Europe too.  Sweden's snow depth sets new seasonal record whilst in the Alps, heavy snow cuts off Zermatt once again, other villages evacuated

SW Finland faces worst winter flooding in 13 years

Sydney swelters through warmest start to the year on record

Beijing embraces first winter snow- it usually falls in late November ....

13 die after massive landslide throws bus into abyss in Colombia

In Mozambique: Tropical storm kills 7, displaces 87,000 others

Philippines raises alert level after explosion at Mount Mayon volcano

The incredible power of ocean waves to hurl boulders more than twice the weight of the Statue of Liberty is revealed in stunning before and after images of the coast of Ireland

And somethinmg I'd not heard of before: Frost quakes likely the culprit behind mysterious booms in Indiana


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