16th October - Today's News: More Wintry Storms in Australia

In Australia, Qld's wild weather eases but there's a flood warning issues for the upper Murray as the river reaches its highest level in 35 years while there have been hundreds evacuated after flooding in NSW. And as the cold snap brings snow to Victoria, there's even been snow reported in Canberra.

Nine dead in southern Russia flash flood

Chilly outlook forecast for the BBC's weathermen

IPCC aims for clarity and relevance in new report - and interesting that after years of my arguing that 'precipitation pattern change' is a more serious, immediate issue than global warming, I see the AR5 will concentrate on things like the Asian Monsoon. Though whether they'll take into proper consideration the effects land use change, deforesation and brown clouds have on the monsoon remains to be seen.

New modelling study shows carbon dioxide controls Earth's temperature - basically, the study suggest that without the addition of the likes of CO2, water vapour would be unable to maintain Earth's 'greenhouse effect' (which, as we all know, has nothing to do with greenhouses - though many deniers still can't seem to grasp that fact).

A warming world could leave cities flattened - although only if they happen to be built close to a glaciated volcano.

Wind turbines wrong colour for wildlife - painting them a dark grey-green would at least make them less obtrusive (no-one apart from the tabloid media think they should actually be painted purple!)

This year remains neck and neck with 1998 as the lastest NOAA figures show global temperature in 2010 ties for hottest record (the Sept State of the Climate Report is here)


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