30th October - Today's News: Scots Think Putting Clocks Back Means Darker Mornings?

I'm currently running polls on the 3 main UK weather forums (Ukweatherworld, TWO and Net-Wx) asking whether people find dark mornings depressing. Over 100 respondents so far although the results aren't quite what I had expected. However, next week I'll post the results here. My point is that surveys on whether people would like to shift to Alpha time and have more daylight in the evenings are biased in that they do not point out the downside to this - darker mornings. And I personally find darker mornings in winter more depressing than it getting dark at 10.00pm in summer. Unfortunately there is no co-ordinated campaign against the proposal to shift to Alpha time and the public are being deliberate misled over the percieved benefits. Maybe I should also pop over to Mumsnet to ask there how easy parents find it to get their children to go to bed when it's still daylight outside - and how they therefore feel about an extra hour of daylight in the evening?

However I'm a bit worried that in a Scottish poll "one-third of respondents said it would be harder to get their children to school on Monday " and that "Our research found that the greatest annoyances about the clocks going back for people in Scotland are leaving the house while it's still dark (43%), having to have the central heating on (47%), and feeling a general lack of enthusiasm for the day (40%)." ??????? Because it's lighter? I think they're a tad confused! The poll seems to suggest that most Scots would rather we didn't put the clocks forward in the Spring.

And so to today's news ....

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