25th October - Today's News

Down to -1.4c this morning for my third frost of the month and probably cold enough to argue that any forthcoming warm spell is an 'Indian Summer' - not that any such looks likely with a fairly unsettled spell of weather for the foreseeable future. Hopefully that means more wins on the Walker's Rainfall Challenge - now up to £200 in winnings but should really have been more. It's not been raining in the right places!

Anyway, today just a quick catch-up on the main weekend stories:

Hurricane Richard batters Belize

Missing bus tourists sought in typhoon-hit Taiwan

Cyclone Giri pummels west Burma

UN to send thousands of tents amid major floods in Benin

Severe drought afflicts Brazilian Amazon
- looks like the worst since at least 1963.

Another winter of extremes in store for US as La Nina strengthens

Arctic region continues to warm at unprecedented rate - unprecented that is in modern time.

Antarctic snowfall linked to West Australian drought

What will space tourism mean for climate change?

UK rail network 'at risk' from climate change

Borneo's majestic rainforest is being killed by the timber mafia - and all so that we decadent rich Britons with money to burn can buy new garden furniture which we don't need.....

And in Thailand, flood toll soars to 41


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