26th October - Today's News: Texas Twister Caught on Tape

Dramatic footage from the US on Sunday as Texas twister caught on tape - plenty of damage from that but no fatalities. Not so in northern Argentina though where there last week there were 6 dead and 110 injured in tornado strike.

There have also been reports of tornadoes spawned by an active cold front in the south of England on Saturday, though none have yet been confirmed. In the most serious case, Adrian Hunneyball lucky to be alive after 'mini tornado' fells tree near Ringwood. There was also a report of a tornado near Hastings and a conformed sighting of a funnel cloud out to sea off Dover. Late autumn and early winter is usually the main 'season' for tornadoes in Britain.

Earthquake sparks small tsunami in Indonesia with the latest reports that the death toll rises after Indonesian tsunami

Australia to have wetter than normal weather for three months on La Nina - which I've been saying for some time now.

China's Three Gorges Dam reaches maximum capacity

With an eruption of Mount Merapi looking imminent, Indonesian villagers refuse to leave volcano zone.

More bad news from the Amazonia drought as Amazon tributary drops to record low in Brazil

As Arctic warms, increased shipping likely to accelerate climate change

Elephant seals help explain crumbling Antarctic ice shelf - it's not them responsible though, as I at first thought!

The latest research suggests that global warming to bring more intense storms to Northern Hemisphere in winter and to Southern hemisphere year round - although I suspect more researchg may later challenge this, just as been the case with hurricanes. And logically, storms will be more intense the greater the temperature gradient across the planet. With polar regions warmer faster, the gradient decreases - so storms should become less intense!

Clues about carbon dioxide patterns at end of Ice Age

Plan to reduce impact of Beauly Denny power line - but mostly around populated areas, which isn't the bl**dy issue! Those morons in Holyrood have as much common sense and regard for Scotland as a pair of mouldy teabags found in the corner of an overgrown WWII concrete bunker in Kent.

Off topic, but UK's biggest stag, Exmoor Emperor found shot dead - murdered by a trophy hunter. Whilst I support stag hunting as a necessary cull, and have no problem with rich foreigners paying to pull the trigger, a good stalker will always ensure his clients take out the older animals - and if a particular 'celebrity' exists then usually it's allowed to die naturally. But sometimes money talks louder than tradition. And the media must accept some responsibility too: had they not drawn attention to this stag being the single largest wild animal in the whole of Britain it would probably still be alive.


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