16th February - Today's News: Tropical Storm Dineo Hits Mozambique

A bit of humour from down under as Australian town gets a ‘pounding’ from penis-shaped storm 

And a sad case of the media once again publishing a misleading story whose headline in particular bears no relation to the actual press release as, for example, the Guardian claims Scottish gamekeepers and mountaineers oppose tree-planting plan.   They don't.  What they say is that they are  "... concerned at the potential impacts fragmented policy may have on Scotland’s rare open landscapes" but emphasise that "neither the SGA nor Mountaineering Scotland oppose well sited, planned tree planting, [but] both question whether enough weight is being given to the significant changes this will have on the landscape and access." - a crucial point deliberately omitted by the media!   A follow up clarification has also been issued.   For those interested in the facts rather than media fantasy.


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