24th February - Today's News: One Dead as Storm Doris Hits Britain

Storm Doris devastation: Schoolgirl fights for her life after gym roof collapses on 40 pupils while debris kills woman, 29 whilst Storm Doris closes roads and schools across Scotland due to snow and in N Ireland, Game of Thrones tree victim of Storm Doris.  .   And this morning there are still 1,500 homes and businesses still without power in Wales.   It was just a windy day in Evesham.  Two plastic plant pots were blown from one side of my garden to the other.  And my rain gauge was somehow knocked over ....

And it is suggested that most wood energy schemes are a 'disaster' for climate change - although that's not actually what the report concludes.   Rather, that "The use of woody biomass for energy cannot be considered to be automatically carbon-neutral under all circumstances, though most policy frameworks treat it as though it is".  It can be read here.


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