1st February - Today's News: Record Lack of Southern Hemisphere Cyclones

Severe blizzards wreak havoc on Russia’s Arctic city of Norilsk with heavier than usual snowfall

Southern hemisphere's tropical cyclone streak shattered - there have been hurricane strength storms since Aril last year. the longest period on record

Here, the media continue to publish stories about Storm Doris coming - and affecting, it seems, all parts of the country.  In fact, no storm has yet been named and there remains uncertainty as to where - if indeed anywhere - will see gales at the end of this weekend.  The SW is most at risk.  There is also no certainty of any particularly cold weather moving in from the east later in the month, although it's a possibility and it probably won't stay as mild as it currently is beyond next week.

There a record low for ice in the Baltic for the time of year

And a new explanation for the making of Antarctica - guess what? They think two "competing" idea could both be right and it was a combination of factors.   Mayhew's law* wins again?

* simple explanations rarely exist in a complex world.  Where two or more scientific theories compete, it is more likely that all are contributory factors.   Dinosaur and more recent Megafauna extinctions  being good examples.


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