15th October - Today's News: "Once in 100 Years" Storm Lashes Sydney, NSW

Monster storm that stretches from the coast of Spain to Canada threatens to wreak havoc on both sides of the Atlantic - in other words, there's a big area of low pressure in the North Atlantic and it's going to be wet and windy in western parts of Britain and Ireland this weekend.   Normal weather then.

Fall snow bonaza in North America and Siberia may portend brutal winter - but not necessary so.  And I am sticking to my SLATless forecast of a mainly mild winter for Britain, but with at least one, contrasting, very cold/snowy spell in late Jan/Feb - and perhaps a brief very cold/snowy spell again in Mar or April after a warm, early start to spring.  Interestingly the latest MetO GloSea model also suggests a mild winter for Europe as being the most probable outcome.

Wind power is cheapest energy, EU analysis finds - but only when the health impacts of fossil fuels are factored in.   And it doesn't take into account the health impacts of having no electricity during very hot or very cold weather (as would be the case were we reliant on onshore wind farms)

The latest sea rise predictions: rising sea levels of 1.8 meters in worst-case scenario, researchers calculate

And Earth's magnetic field may flip within a human lifetime.  But that doesn't mean it will happen in yours or my lifetime. 


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