28th October - Today's News: More Record Heatwaves in Australia & Argentina

 First'big heat event' melts Australian temperature records with several sites recording their highest ever October temperature.

Meanwhile, in Argentina, scorching city breaks October heat record, storm alert issued

Quite a contrast in weather here at the moment with heavy rain continuing across parts of Scotland - though it has finally dried up in the NW....   Landslip-hit A82 partially reopened south of Fort William yesterday, but overnight there have been more landslides as heavy rain batters west of Scotland - whilst in many places down south, there's a Halloween heatwave as temperatures soar to 21c for half-term.  

Denmark gets sunny end to near-record October - it could yet be their warmest ever

Met Office to build new £97m supercomputer with 1.5km resolution - so still not enough to forecast whether it will rain at 3pm in your back garden next Sunday week!


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