24th October - Today's News: Why Karakorum Glaciers Aren't Retreating

Karakorum glacier anomaly resolved, a cold case of climate science - glaciers are not retreating there because weather patterns mean they have not been seeing a decline in snowfall like other parts of the Himalaya.  Which is what I assumed was the case all along ...

It's been determined that last January's freak winter wave 'was Spain's biggest ever'

Apparently, 'there is no climate crisis': Man-made global warming is a lie and not backed up by science, claims leading meteorologist - except John Coleman is not a leading meteorologist.  His degree was in journalism and reading out the weather forecast on TV does not make you a climate expert.  That he is quoted making numerous common errors of assumption/misunderstanding demonstrates the point.

And groups united against 'misguided' Perthshire windfarm plans - we won't go down without a fight!


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