29th October - Today's News: Many Dead in DR Congo Floods, Sri Lanka Landslide

Madden and Rao are at it again, make daft claims that Britain to face Arctic winter as mild autumn triggers polar gales and heavy snow - which is true in the same way that it's true I am a bowl of petunias.

There were yet more landslides and disruption as heavy rain hits Scotland yesterday, and lots of good photos in the Mail, showing the contrasting conditions across Britain (it reached 20.6c in my garden) as hottest Halloween approaches with temperatures set to reach 21C despite councils already preparing for winter.  

'Loud boom' as earthquake hits Nottinghamshire - nothing heard or felt here though, but it was interesting seeing the first reports come in on social media 'real time'.

And ridiculous as it sounded at the time, it appears in any case that giant walls would not stop tornadoes


  1. Just over a year ago the Press Gazette published a piece about how the Express recycles its front pages - http://www.pressgazette.co.uk/content/goundhog-day-why-daily-express-front-pages-may-leave-readers-sense-deja-vu. The idea is to keep itselderly readership in a state of fear...

  2. Thks Bob

    I also recall that some time ago the Editor (?) of the Express freely admitted that they run sensational weather stories on the front page becaue whenever they do so circulation goes up ..... Selling lies for profit.


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