21st October - Today's News: Remnants of Hurricane Gonzalo Hit Britain

Hurricane Gonzalo: disruption as remnants of storm hit UK although its not quite the "worst storm in years" as Nathan Rao promised .... (though his article also points out it was only forecast to be the worst storm since ex-Bertha in August, which I am not sure is all that many years ago!).  And the top wind speeds as Gonzalo's remnants felt are nothing unusual for the time of year.

In Northern Ireland, 'terrifying tornado' strikes in Aghyan last Thursday

After 7 weeks of eruption: stunning aerial video of Iceland's Bardarbunga volcano

NOAA confirm what NASA had previously annouced: September was the warmest in history - and 2014 is on track to be the hottest year on record.  Despite no El Nino, low solar activity and continuing pollution and other factors that have combined to create the illusion of a "pause" ....

And there's a new ski resort to open at Wanlockhead in the Southern Uplands - just hope we get plenty of snow this winter then!


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