11th February - Today's News: Floods Hit South America

A couple of cm of very wet slushy snow in Evesham overnight, mostly melting now and leaving the roads and pavements very wet .....   Seems like this will be a winter of wet snow here - not had any 'dry' snow at all and most has fallen with the temperature above freezing.   I think we'll ignore the Daily Mail's nonsense headline - very few places saw more than a couple of inches of snow, many saw none, and cold weather (such as it is - not even had a frost the past few nights here) is currently expected to last ........ a couple of days!    Though to be fair, there's no especially mild weather on the horizon: expect the rest of the month to be very normal.   Which, being as it's winter, means occasion frosts and maybe some more snow at times.

Meanwhile, tornado causes significant damage in Hattiesburg, Miss.

In the Mediterrannean, what I suspect is another slightly misleading telephoto picture shows ship misses deadly waterspout by matter of moments


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