15th February - Today's News: Meteorite Explodes Over Russia

Meteorite hits Russian Urals: fireball explosion wreaks havoc, over 500 injured - it sounds like a large stoney meteor exploded as it entered the atmosphere, showering more meteorites over a fairly large areas and shattering windows with the resulting shockwave (broken glass appearing to be the main cause of injuries).   Similar to the Tunguska event, on a smaller scale but over a more populous region.

There are live updates from Russia Today here - latest reports say a 6m wide crater has been discovered, presumably from one of the larger fragments.  Suggestions that it was 'shot down' by the Russian military seem rather dubious since there was no way they'd have known it existed until it entered the atmosphere.
And (probably) conincidently, this evening asteroid 2012 DA14 set for record breaking Earth pass - at least, we hope it'll pass ......!

Cairngorms avalanche: third person dies - a considerable avalanche risk looks likely over the weekend whilst an improvement in the weather could mean more folk out on the Hill.

Wild land protection plea after wind farm objections in Highlands - though little hope of it being taken notice of when Salmond the Sassenach only wants the Highlands so he can cover them in turbines, roads and pylons!

It's thought that comet rain took life's ingredients to Jupiter's moons - so there could be life out there.  Perhaps the Europans are currently firing rocks at Earth in preparation for an invasion?!


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