5th February - Today's News: Big Mediterranean Waterspout Photographed

Stunning pictures as a gigantic ocean tornado swirls over the Mediterranean (I suspect they were taken with a good telephoto lens and the waterspout is rather further from the yacht than it appears)

An interesting development as rain tracked with mobile network potentially enabling us to monitor rainfall in areas not covered by radar.

UK sees return of snow, gales and ice as rare thundersnow phenomenon wakes Britons - and we even had a brief little flurry in Evesham this morning. 

On the Vistula in Poland, melting ice floes prompt flood alerts

MP blasts 'insulting' Environment Agency claims over 'wrong type of rain' - and I agree, although I'm not sure it's an official EA claim?  It's certainly not the view of meteorologists.

Sunshine may 'reduce arthritis risk'

And are 'super-Earths' actually mini-Neptunes - so far less likely to harbour life almost nearly sort of as we might know it?


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