8th February - Today's News: Big Snowstorm to Hit SE Canada/NE USA

There's chance we could see a fair bit of snow in parts of Britain on Sunday and the early part of next week, though exact details remain uncertain.  But it'll be nothing like in America where southern Ontaria residents warned to brace for major winter storm and the  US north-east braces for 'historic' snowstorm - up to 2ft expected in places.  Mind, we're currently expecting up to a foot in places in Britain.

Severe weather slams India and Pakistan

Minor earthquake shakes north Wales homes whilst on the other side of the world, aftershocks hit Solomon Islands relief work 

Are public attitudes to climate change as fickle as the weather?  Yes. Which is obvious really - how can the world possibly be warming when we've just had yet another cold winter?

Forget short term climate change such as ice ages, what drives the shift from iceworld (which we are currently in) to greenhouse world?  New evidence suggests episodic purging of 'carbonate capacitor' drives long-term climate cycle - basically, volcanic activity at key locations leading to changes in, er, atmospheric CO2 levels.  Oh dear, the ABCD (anything but carbon dioxide) mob won't like that!

UK 'can cope with solar superstorm' - though there's no specific reason to expect one any time soon, other than that one could hot almost any time and surely will do one day.

Exoplanets near red dwarf suggest another Earth nearer - though once again, any potential life would not be quite as we know it since such planets would always be a little different (in terms of gravity, atmospheric composition etc) and moreover any life would have evolved to adapt to very different solar radiation to that experienced on Earth.

And new evidence suggests comet or asteroid was last straw for dinosaurs - they may well have been in decline for other reasons but the Chicxulub impact did indeed finish them off. 


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