26th February - Today's News: Another Deadly US Snowstorm

Red alert as Pilbara cyclone intensifies off the coast of WA.  Meanwhile, SE Qld awash again after heavy rain but it's not entirely bad news as in Vic, bushfire threat eased by heavy rain

Weather extreme provoked by trapping of giant waves in atmosphere - itself believed to be a consequence of a lowering of the temperature differential between the Arctic and Equator, caused by 'global' warming (the Arctic is warming faster than other areas).

Scientists produce densest artificial ionospheric plasma clouds using HAARP - still no signs of them bouncing HAARP signals off 'chemtrails' to create hurricanes though!

Wind turbines will create more carbin dioxide, scientists say - mainly as a consequence of the peat moors on which they, and, more especially, hundreds of miles of access roads, are built drying out.  And we may need to start rethinking wind power - it's not quite so limitless after all (btw this does of course explain why we have lots of scattered small wind farms - something I've always objected to -  rather than concentrating turbines in just a few specific areas)

Russia meteor's origin tracked down


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