11th November - Today's News: Haiyan Death Toll Likely Over 10,000

As expected, the estimated death toll in the Philippines has risen dramatically over the weekend, with some awful scenes of devastation.  Philippines devastation 'absolute bedlam'  as Philippines battles to bring storm aid.  And more deaths as severe Tropical Storm Haiyan makes landfall in Vietnam.

Haiyan looks to have been the most deadly Asian typhoon since Typhoon Nina caused about 229,000 deaths after the collapse of Banqiao dam in China in 1975.  In comparison, all other weather news pales into insignificance.....

Ozone chemicals ban linked to global warming 'pause' - one of many factors, I am quite sure.   I despair at the way the media (and to some extent the scientists themselves) create the impression that there are competing theories, when in really all of them are 'right' to a degree - the trick is in finding all the varying factors and how they work with (and against) one another.

And finally, how would the world look is all the ice melted?  I'd be living by the seaside!


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