12th November - Today's News: World's Worst Headline?

Typhoon Haiyan relief effort delayed by torrential rain as British and American ships head to Philippines amid devastation.   I've said this before and I'll say many times again: this is why we need a well equipped military - the do the job they are best at: providing aid to those in dire need.   Much if not all our international aid budget would be far better spend training troops and medics and engineers, and building ships and helicopters to carry them where needed all over the world.   In the 21st century, the military should be about saving lives. And yet we cut their budget, curtaining their ability to respond quickly and efficiently to disasters like this. 

And finally, one of the very worst, and frankly bad taste, weather relates front page headlines I've ever seen is on today's Daily Star (I actually thought it was a spoof mock-up when I first saw it)
Yes, that is a genuine front page from a British 'Newspaper'......! The online story goes under a slightly amended (but still rubbish and totally wrong) headline backlash of the Philippines typhoon is set to batter Britain at Chrismas.    Needless to say, like all the dozens of others typhoons every year, Haijan will have noimpact at all on the weather in Britain. at Christmas or any other time.


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