19th November - Today's News: At Least 16 Killed in Severe Sardinian Storm

Severe weather in the Mediterranean as Sardina hit by deadly cyclone and flooding with more pictures from the Daily Mail here

And finally, today's lies from billionaire media-mogul Elliot Carver Richard Desmond are that we're all in for 70mph icy gales ...... to add to the 6" of snow, record low temperatures and killer floods....   The sick b*stard just won't stop - and yes, many people do believe what they see in the front page of newspapers, especially the elderly and infirm :(    (It'll be a bit windy tomorrow and yes, there could be gales around some coasts and hills in the north, but not for any lowlying parts of England where nearly all his readers live, so it's a totally - deliberately - misleading and cynical front page headline aimed only at securing newspaper sales.)


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