6th November - Today's News: First Snow Falls in England

A first taste of winter for parts of northern Britain as snow falls cover parts of rural Durham (although snow has fallen over some hills in England and Wales in recent weeks, I think this is the first snow fall to affect roads and homes)

But that's nothing compared with the US where (not unusually) winter storm dumps half a foot of snow in parts of South Dakota, Minnesota

And the colder weather here isn't expected to last long with more Atlantic storms to hit Europe in warmer-than-usual November - which is good news for some as Plymouth scientists prepare for a winter of big storms.

And concentrations of warming gases breaks record in 2012 - though really that's no surprise (the anti-science mob, who bizarrely think CO2 is the only thing that affect temperature (global or local), will of course being asking why 2012 was not therefore the warmest year on record.  Idiots .... ).  Meanwhile, UN highlights role of farmers in closing emissions gap.

Leaked climate report: food shortages and poverty rise

And are the old myths of the first humans/animals being made out of mud true?  Clay may have been birthplace of life on Earth, new study suggests.


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