18th November - Today's News: Deadly Autumn Tornadoes Hit US Midwest

And here we're looking at 100 days of snow: Britain now facing worst winter in 60 years say forecasters ....... well, no and no and no.   Nathan Rao and his mates down the pub think that. The assumption is that the continuation of stories like this is at the behest of the multi-millionaire owner of the Express and Star, Richard Desmond, who it seems gets a sick kick out of terrifying the poor and elderly with false stories.  A very nasty man is Mr Desmond.   Please, urge everyone to boycott his pathetic publications!  (I know I post links, but perforce that's necessary to highlight the deceit and lies being broadcast to ordinary people who, understandably, don't know better.)    For the record, current indications are for a fairly average or even mild December and January, overall - though of course some cold and snowy spells can be expected.   How accurate such experiemental (but genuine) forecasts are remain to be seen - but crying wolf every week until finally  a wolf shows up, does not make your warnings worth shit.

That said, it looks like turning colder this week with the first air frosts of the autumn in Evesham (later than usual) and maybe even a dusting of snow over the Malverns (as unusual in November as finding beer in a pub).


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