8th November - Today's News: Super Typhoon Haiyan Batters Philippines

Reportedly the most powerful tropical storm ever to make landfall (imagine the news coverage if this were the USA?!)  monster Typhoon Haiyan roars into Philippines with three people killed as one of the most powerful typhoons ever recorded wreaks havoc across Philippines - sadly the death toll will almost certainly rise, considerably.   We'll know a lot more tomorrow.

Disturbingly, Philippines disaster prevention website hacked as storm looms - with suggestions that the rich, anti-social, morally bankrupt, cyber-geek-terrorist cowards 'Anonymous' were behind it.

In Alaska, Fairbanks gest some real snow - at last.   There was a small fall late on the 31st October so they did just avoid the first 'brown' Halloween for nearly 100 years

Bulgaria has also seen date records broken as lingering summer breaks temperature record in Bulgaria

But here in Britain, Cairngorm ski resort set to open this weekend - after some decent snow fall through the week.   Turning mild, wet and windy there late on Sunday though.  It's the earliest they've opened for five .

This is not entirely new as NASA research a few years back highlighted a similar danger: Amazon deforestation could mean droughts for western US

Contrary to what the contrarians want us to believe, solar activity playing a minimal role in global warming, research suggests


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