12th July - Today's News: Giant Iceberg Breaks from Larsen C Ice Shelf

Expected for some time, and now confirmed: Giant iceberg splits from Antarctic

A whopping 8.8mm of rain yesterday and overnight breings me up to 48% of average for the month so far.  Although some models do suggest a risk of thnderstorms (!!!!) next week, there is little sign of any further frontal rain and this could well end up another dry month.   So far, only May has seen above average rainfall here in 2017.  A very mild month also looks to be on the cards with temperature at average or above for the foreseeable future (after yesterday's maxima dropped below average for the first time in weeks).

Not many English language reports on this: Rare tornado spotted near Vienna International Airport

NASA confirms Juno probe completed its historic flight over Jupiter's 10,000 mile-wide 'Great Red Spot' (although we'll have to wait a few more days for pictures - they need to edit out the space aliens first!)


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