25th July - Today's News: Italian Drought and French Wildfires

A special report on Asia under water: How 137 million people's lives are being put at risk - whilst the rain may be natural, its effects are aggravated by human activity and land-use changes.  And the fact there are simply so many people .....

Rescuer clung to boy plucked from Arizona flash flood as another group is caught out on Sunday

A bizarre - but seemingly true - story from NZ where three rabbits in Otago ride out of flood on woolly sheep.  Meanwhile there are more flood fears as new front to bring downpours, snow down to 300m 

New evidence that the Moon has a water-rich interior

And flying to bothies?   If so, be careful you don't get stuck in the mud! Probe after plane lands near Kinlochleven - though the BBC didn't have all the facts ....    The aircraft has since been safely recovered.


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