6th July - Today's News: 11 Missing in Japan Floods

Researchers at Harvard University have been reconciling predictions of climate change and find that a doubling of CO2 could result in a higher increase in temps than thought.  Although I am curious as to whether they took into account the very long term cooling pattern the Earth is currently (or was) in (the Neoglacial).  Also, any periodic oceanic-atmospheric warming trend is matched by a subsequent cooling trend, which may complicate predictions further.

And could we soon predict the weather 10 years into the future?   No, we won't be able to predict whether it will rain at 3pm on the 16th July 2027 in Lower Slaughter.   But we may be able to predict whether we are likely to see a heatwave or a spell of wet and stormy weather in July 2027.  For some parts of the world.


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