19th July - Today's News: Lightning Storms and Flash Floods Hit Southern England

Yesterday and overnight lightning strikes and flash floods sweep through Britain as the UK is hit by freak electrical storms (the Daily Mail still thinks Britain means SE England .... but it does have the best pictures) - but there was as much rain, thunder and lightning in Evesham as there were volcanic eruptions ......   Still not heard a single rumble of thunder this year!   And radar returns suggests parts of the Lizard may have had as much rain in an hour as we have had here all year as Coverack wakes up to 'devastation'

Human-made aerosols identified as driver in shifting global rainfall patterns - and of course, injecting even more aerosols into the atmosphere has been suggested as a way of countering AGW ....  But could to see the causes (and consequences) and human-induced precipitation pattern change are being taking seriously.   In my opinion it's far more serious than temperature changes.

And a new, paradigm changing hypothesis: Did life begin on land rather than in the sea?


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