10th July - Today's News

US Weather Round-up

Here in Britain it's back to normal summer weather for the foreseeable future, with temperatures little more than average and plenty of cloud and rain around. After a scorching start, July could end up quite a cool month.

But what's the weather doing in the USA at the moment?

Well, much of Texas is suffering a 'once in a century drought'
People are comparing the conditions to the epic drought of the 1950s, he said. "It’s been so dry it’s even killing cedar trees, so you know it’s dry."

"The last good rain we had was two years ago around Labor Day, and then the faucet shut off," he said.

According to the National Weather Service, the last 22 months have been the driest on record in San Antonio.

There are 70 forest fires burning in Alaska with temperatures pushing 90f in Fairbanks - the hottest it's been for 15 years.

But if it's real heat you want, head for Oklahoma, where in Buffalo it hit a record breaking 115f !

In Massachusetts, storms batter state with hail, high winds

In Hopkinton, hail collected on grass like snow, trees snapped and blocked streets, and debris was strewn about in what seemed like a line that ran parallel to I-495.

While down in Arizona, storms knock out electricity to thousands and in Florida, lightning kills tourist on Melbourne beach

And finally, El Nino has now officially returned to the Pacific - how long for no-one can say, but Canadians are concerned it could mean disaster for the Olympics

The return of El Nino could wash out parts of the Vancouver 2010 Winter Olympics, weather forecasters say.

The global temperature fluctuation could result in warmer weather and a smaller snowfall, causing problems for the Games, which are set to kick off in February.

But the good news for those down towards the Caribbean is that El Nino may dampen hurricane season - a season which has not show much signs of getting going as yet anyway.


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