17th July - Today's News

It's raining again ....... And as predicted back on the 30th June, all the earlier hot and sunny weather has been long forgotten as folk complain about what a miserable cold and wet summer it is (actually I've only had a couple of days and nights this month where the temperature was below average - though admittedly some areas have been cooler).

Anyway, the current rain (over 3 inches in some places with more falling) has already started causing problems with some breaking news in from East Yorkshire that in Langtoft, just north of Driffield:
"...the village pond is absolutely full."
Seriously though, I expect to be reporting a lot of flood news tomorrow.

Now this I find rather interesting: sea ice formed in the Arctic before it did in Antarctica - because we're talking 47.5 million years ago and I understood the general consensus was that only much more recent tectonic movements led to the Arctic turning cold. Was this a short lived event perhaps? How does sea ice form when the temperature is much warmer than it is today (as was the case in the Eocene)? It certainly raises questions about why polar regions sometimes hold ice caps and sometimes do not - and indeed the whole shift from 'greenhouse' to the current 'ice age' world. I look forward to hearing more.

Solar eclipse sparks tourism fever in China - just hope it's clear skies there next Wednesday for what is said to be the longest eclipse of the 21st century. And I must remember to check whether a partial eclipse will be visible from here in Britain (as was the case with last year's solar eclipse which was also visible in totality from China).


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