1st July - Today's News

Sad news to start with today: the teenager struck by lightning in Birmingham on Saturday has died. Further heatwave related tragedy in the Midlands where a Vicar's son drowns in river.
These stories do highlight two important things always drummed into us as children: don't shelter under trees in a thunderstorm and be very very careful if you go swimming on a hot day - the water will be colder than you think and currents can be surprisingly strong.

Meanwhile, in The Guardian, George Monbiot asks "have the climate change deniers abandoned us during the heatwave?" A good question because they were all full of it when predicting another cool summer ...... Or maybe they're busy studying the difference between weather and climate? In The Times we find out who and what benefits from the heatwave? (clue: it's not me!) while the BBC ask why do we succumb to hot weather? (err, because we've evolved for a nice cool ice age climate perhaps?)

In Scotland some seem to think the temperature record is under threat - well, that have a coupleof days left to see it broken, because from Saturday onwards it cool and unsettled for as far as the models can see!

It's not a heatwave everywhere though; fog is all the Tyne's as North East stays cool.

NW China sruggles with drought while southern regions face flooding

One of the many mysteries surrounding the 1908 Tunguska 'explosion' - probably caused by a comet - is the bright skies recorded at night afterwards. And in today's why didn't anyone think of that before, it's so bleedin obvious now you mention it file we read how the shuttle helps explain mysterious 1908 blast. The answer to the bright skies at night? Nocties! Obvious when you think about it ......


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