20th July - Today's News

Black goop afloat off Arctic coast identifies as algae - which is what we thought all along.

Near record global warmth recorded in June
June 2009 was the planet's second-warmest June ever recorded, the National Oceanographic and Atmospheric Administration (NOAA) reported Friday. Only 2005 was warmer. When just ocean areas are included, it was the warmest June ever. Global records began in 1880.
Though this doesn't stop some in the USA asking what happened to global warming because in their little neck of the backwoods it's been colder than usual (for example, in Chicago it's a near record cold July) ..... Meanwhile, those expecting a cold period caused by low solar activity now argue that there's several years delay before the onset of this, hence why it's not turning cold yet. Although that didn't stop them attributing last winter's slightly colder and snowier weather to reduced solar activity. When it comes to excuses, I guess they've been learning from the catastrophic warming lobby .....

Clouds, seas to be targeted by UN climate report
Cloud formation, sea level rises and extreme weather events are among areas set to get more attention in the next U.N. report on global warming due in 2014, the head of the Nobel Peace Prize winning panel said on Friday.
(that's the IPCC btw, and the report will be the AR5)

Personally I'd like to see more emphasis on the impacts of land use change and deforestation.

Heavy rains hit N Korea raising fears of floods

Woman injured by falling concrete during vicious Edmonton thunderstorm

A storm brings down a tent in Slovakia, one dies, 50 injured at Pohoda Music Festival - there had been some speculation this may have been a tornado though I think more likely just strong straight line winds and a poorly secured tent.


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