4th July - Today's News

Sea ice at lowest level in 800 years near Greenland - and that's based on human observations, the same ones that are used by some to suggest 800 years ago it was much warmer than today. Not a dodgy computer model in sight! Of course, it's only one little part of the Arctic and in any case, we all know there was much less ice up there than today around 8,000 years ago. So really it doesn't actually mean a lot. Certainly it does not imply any human cause for current sea ice decline.

Just when you thought it was safe to go back in the water .... along comes a new type of El Nino, deadlier than the old one! Well, sort of. Apparently this new type of El Nino could mean more hurricanes make landfall. It's all down to where it forms - and the question on everyone's lips: why's it suddenly forming somewhere different? Answer: we don't know! But I'm sure someone will blame it on humans and someone claim it's down to the sun....

Meanwhile back in Britain, tragic news as iPhones die in hot cars! Yeah, that's right. iPhones. Dumb devices for dumb people. Pointless gadgets that enable us to do everything we could before, but less well, mean we no longer have to remember our children's names, where we lived, what a pub is or indeed have any cognitive ability at all; and without which all life as we know it would end....... (you might guess that I do not own an iPhone, do not want an iPhone and cannot thing of any use for an iPhone other then to fill up space at the back of a drawer.)


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