3rd July - Today's News

It's been confirmed - June was the hottest on record in Houston, by tw0-tenths of a degree. Although in contrast, up in Milwaukee, July opens with near record cold. I wonder which of those 2 stories will be used to support climate change theories? Hoepfully neither since they have ne bearing on long term climate in both cases are just examples of this thing we call weather - which is always different. Now, if either represent tends over a multi-decadal period, that'd be different!

It does amaze me that some are still trying to use a cold winter in parts of the USA to 'prove' AGW isn't happening and/or that low solar activity is sending us into a mini ice age. To be honest, the record high temperatures during the winter elsewhere in the USA are probably more significant since they may be said to be part of an on-going trend. One winter doeth not a climate trend make any more than one brick makes a house.

Anyway, back to the news ...

It's also been the hottest June since 1951 in Beijing with China torn by heatwave, rainstorm.

In Canada, the lack of rain continues to cause concern as farmers write off year as drought parches Prairie land. I think it's too early to say whether this is just weather or a symptom of climate change. But globally, droughts affecting major food producing regions seem to be in the rise. But at least there's good news from Europe with the heatwave too late to damage West EU grain crops. So we won't all starve!

The miserable weather in Britain continues to make the headlines with hospitals on stand-by as 999 calls rise in heatwave but some better news with UK braced for dramatic end to heatwave as storms begin - though so far I've had 10 minutes of light rain and not a hint or sign of thunder. Mind, I've noticed this year all the thunder I've heard has come on days when the temperature didn;t reach 20c. So I guess at the moment it's still too hot! Not everywhere has been having hot and sunny weather though; Dublin floods, London bakes but Belfast's just grey.

'Diamond dust' snow falls nightly on Mars whilst here on Earth there have been snow falls of more than 30cm in 24 hours at Victorian ski resorts. Lucky Aussies! In New Zealand, storm warnings withdrawn, but June was one of the coldest on record - following on from a record cold May in some parts. Don't tell the global coolers!

And finally today, the curious case of how global warming shrank St Kilda's sheep.


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