29th July - Today's News

In Texas, rainfall levels started declining in the south and central parts of the state in late 2007. The dry weather has been exacerbated this summer by a spell of unusually high temperatures.

The state's worst drought made the record books for its longevity, spanning a seven-year period during the 1950s. This drought, state weather officials say, is more notable for its intensity.

In Spain, heatwave will see mercury rise to 40c in the shade but here in Britain we're expecting the soggy summer to continue into August. There remains no sign of a return to the sunny heatwave continues of late May and late June on the horizon and I think here in Evesham we will probably find that the first days of July were the hottest of the year. Not that I'm complaining in the least! Rain is fun (except when it floods) and there's been lost of clouds to look. Mind, it's still been too warm at night for me! The Met Office are due to update their summer forecast this morning and no doubt this - and the fact the past 4 weeks have not been the 'promised' BBQ weather some expected - will no doubt fill tomorrow's papers. Especially the tabloids. Just remember: don't believe word!

And down in Tierra del Fuego it's been snowing


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