28th April - Today's News: Reduction in Arctic Sea Ice due to Siberian Winds?

New research suggests that winds from Siberia reduce Arctic sea ice cover - not global warming. Meanwhile, according to a Russian scientist, Arctic warming likely to reverse whilst a colleague warns that Arctic research may be threatened by global cooling!

Massive Southern ocean current discovered

Rain leaves 8,400 people homeless in southern Brazil

Scientists study glaciovolcanoes

In Thailand, no respite in sight to hot weather - which has seen maximum temps just short of the record set in 1998. All thanks to Mr El Nino.

In Nevada, spring storm hits hard whilst northern NY, New England storm drops a foot of snow.

But in Britain, warm weather to make way for Bank Hoilday tradition ..... rain. And more to the point, it's turning much cooler. Hmmm, maybe those Russians are right after all!

And finally, much reported in the media today, are Noah's Ark remains 'discovered' on Mt Ararat? No. But you have to admire their level of logic: find wood carbon dated to 4,800BP. Therefore the Flood must have been 4,800BP. Therefore the wood must belong to Noah's Ark ...... Anyway, if there was a flood around 2,800BCE then maybe that explains the current state of Stonehenge: it was knocked over by the waves! Though the question of why the Bible doesn't mention the duck-billed platypus still remains unanswered .....!


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