8th April - Today's News: More Die in Rio Mudslides

Brazil begins recovery after Rio de Janeiro floods but breaking news suggests that at least 200 buried in Rio mudslide which happened today.

The Guardian has a good round up today of the current situation in SE Asia (much reported on here in recent weeks): drought turns southern China into arid desert - and, according to one Chinese expert, human error has worsened effects of drought.

In North Wales, they've begun snow clearing on Snowdon railway - the track is one of the few places where snow does tend to accumulate and linger most years, though this winter there's been rather a lot more fall than usual.

Nepal and China agree on Mount Everest's height. It's 8848m - of which the top 4m is snow (quizzers take note!). Now all they need do is agree on a name ..... Nepalese Sagarmatha (from which the National Park takes its name) or Tibetan Chomolungma ..... I've always favoured the latter.

In Scotland, review of rail services urged to deal with snow and ice

As the American spring heatwave continues, fire danger now threatens where eastern floods hit

Did ancient asteroid impacts cause crustal crisis?

On Iceland, cold kills two near erupting volcano

Last year it was reported that changes in the local climate was resulting in Soay sheep on St Kilda shrinking. This suggestion is now being questioned, although much of the content of this Telegraph article on climate change row over the mystery of the shrinking sheep seems to be media fabrication. Face it, it's a big deal in the same way that two schoolboy's fighting in Stoke Newington was a major cause of WWII ..... Besides, there was never any suggestion made in the original study that the change in the St Kildan climate had anything whatsoever to do with human activity in any shape or form. That was just tabloid media specualtion. Sheepgate? More like another shot in the foot by the torch-bearing anti-science mob!


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